Let Us Go Up At Once and Possess It



The depth of the sense of one’s own personal need will exactly determine the height to which one’s faith will reach. Only the revelation of the all of sin within can convince the once doubtful seeker of the necessity, and therefore the possibility, of the all of God within. God’s nature demands that He be, not simply some, nor much, but literally, all in all. To doubt the possibility, yeah, the necessity, of entire sanctification is to either doubt the power of Christ to save, or to have never seen the sinful tyranny of the old man from which we must be saved. So, as we look at the concept of “entire sanctification” from the depths of personal weakness, we see, not wistful fantasy drift high overhead as the clouds of a summer day, but rather, an absolute practical necessity. Its necessity becomes its possibility, and so, we reach in faith for what we cannot obtain by our own efforts.
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